Or better – boycott fast fashion every day.

On the 26th of November, this year’s Black Friday, Friday’s for Future Zwolle dared to act against the global exploitative system that profits from fuelling scarcity, environmental destruction and social corruption. A small group of our members had the courage to walk in fast-fashion stores, exposing their skin to show their vulnerability towards the immense problems we face as humanity.

A few weeks before the action, we came up with the idea during our weekly meeting. We thought “what can we do right now?” Even though we might not be able to remove all problems, we can do something. Everyone has the power to speak up and to be brave. The people who see that, they will be changed, even if just for a small moment. We want to remind the people that we don’t have to follow the same outdated patterns of mindless consumption but to reflect on what we truly need in our life; be it products, habits or values.

The only thing we would need for that action is ourselves, some body paint and people that would help us to film. It is very interesting to think how can we make an impact with using as little resources as possible. Going into places where a lot of people gather and disrupting the normal order is one way (hello to our extinction rebellion friends for being one of the pioneers in that aspect). We were excited. We planned out the concept, brainstormed about the message and practiced our walk as making “performance art”.

While we painted our bodies, everything was very still. There was a sense of seriousness in the room, excitement but also a small amount of fear of the unexpected. “How will the people react?” “Will we be kicked out?” “Will we get enough video material?” “Will our message be seen?”

After our bodies were painted, we got ready and communicated with everyone what the plan of action was. Nervously we walked the streets, wearing nothing more than a coat and underneath the bikini, freezing. We got to the first store, slipped off our coats and entered. Action. Suddenly, time stood still. We walked. In the first moments, nobody seemed to notice us. But suddenly, people started watching. Pictures were taken, people were making astonished sounds. And we? We were utterly calm. The nervousness had transformed into seriousness. We knew what was at stake and why we had to share this message right now. Because there is no time for Black Friday anymore. It’s time for drastic system change.


Friday’s for Future Zwolle calls for individual action

  • Buy second hand or from brands that try to make as little harm as possible (e.g Ragnarōk)
  • Inform yourself about brands and materials used for clothing production (e.g. with apps such as GoodOnYou)
  • Fix your clothing when something is broken or upcycle it to create something new, a lot of resources for that can be found on social media
  • Hold fast fashion stores accountable – comment, spread, share the injustices happening on this world



Friday’s for Future Zwolle calls for corporative action

  • Stop misguiding consumers with green labels
  • Control supply chain to become 100% transparent and sustainable for workers and the environment
  • Protect workers rights
  • Establish circular waste treatment systems for your fast fashion products



Thank you for reading.

You are never to small to make a difference. If you start today, you might discover a better tomorrow.






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